Lets do a quick Q&A of some of the most commonly asked questions so we can skip that step and jump right into talking about your tattoo.


Q: “What are your prices like?”

A: First, I charge a $30 non refundable deposit. I charge around $50-60 an hour, 40$ minimum and $40 for the first hour. This includes the drawing process. (Once the form is filled out I will be able to give you a rough estimate.) My flash pieces are usually all predetermined and will be posted as they are available.


Q: “Do handpoked tattoos last as long as machine tattoos?”

A: Unfortunately when people think- handpoked tattoos or stick and pokes they visualize a sewing needle, a drunk friend, and some faded-pokey outline somewhere on the foot  orrrrrr.. jail! Am I right?  Put yourself in a more professional setting and yes! A handpoked tattoo will hold up just as well as a machine tattoo when poked and cared for properly. I use the exact equipment a machine artist would use (tattoo needles, tattoo ink, etc) and I puncture the same layers of skin as a machine. The only difference is I physically poke it myself. The old saying “Bold to hold” obviously rings true as with sun exposure and age a tattoo will fade.. tattoos fade with time regardless. Bolder lines are just obviously more visible.


Q: Do I do touch ups?

A: Yes on my own work! But I charge for touch ups there is still a deposit required and hourly rates still apply. (they just don’t take as long)


Q: “Do handpoked tattoos hurt more than machine tattoos?”

A: I would say about 90% of my clients say it hurts less and I agree. Pressured pricks is probably the best way I can describe the pain. I find machine tattoos tend to feel a little more like a burn or a consistent cut.  The only downside is handpoked tattoos take longer.  Most of the time multiple layers are necessary. Some people are used to the irritation by then and describe it as numb, while others say it feels “raw” and it’s a little more irritating. I’ve had a few people fall asleep and many call the experience “surprisingly calming” and the most common reaction I get to the first few pokes is “Seriously? that’s it?!” It’s great for first timers. It’s pretty individual. Come in and try it out!


Q: “Will you add to/fix someone else’s work?”

A: Generally.. no! Sometimes I might be up for it depending on what it is. But it depends on if I feel our styles will mesh well together.


Q: “Do you / will you use colored ink?”

A: At one point I was considering it. I think for now though I will stick with black ink. I feel most comfortable with that and don’t really  have the time to practice with color at the moment. I will keep you guys posted on social media if I do decide to give it a go.


Q: “Do you do consultations? How does this work?”

A: Basically the google form is a virtual consultation. From that form I should be able to get a general idea of what you’re looking for and should be able to give you a *rough* price estimate. If you have a photo that inspired you feel free to attach that in an email as well so I can see what you see.  Other than that I will either schedule off time for drawing during your appointment and draw up your tattoo while you’re with me or, have something drawn up and sent to you before your appointment.


Q: “Would you ever use a machine? Why handpoke?”

A: Honestly.. no! I feel much more comfortable handpoking. I do have 2 machines but I much prefer handpoke. It feels very natural to me and I am completely lost when it comes to feeling out a machine. (props to those who do it!!!) Also, for me handpoking is not just about the tattoo, it’s about the comfort and experience. It can be quite calming and has therapeutic aspects, not just for my friends and clients but for me as well. I also enjoy the primitive aspect.. I mean tattooing started out as handpoked which is pretty cool right? I absolutely love what I do.

So now that that’s all taken care of.. are you ready to book? 🙂